Hilal Chouman: a writer, journalist and an Engineer, born in Beirut- Lebanon 1982, got his BE in Electronics and communications Engineering from Beirut Arab university, and his MSc in Satellite Communications from Ecole national superior des Telecommunications (Telecom paris). He completed his Masters thesis at the University of Bradford on multicast protocols, where he worked for an additional year in scientific research.

In mid 2007, He returned to Lebanon, where he started to work in the business and engineering domains. He has been writing un-regular stories for “Assafir” Lebanese newspaper since summer 2006. Some samples of his “Assafir ”writings can be found on this link [Ar:]:

In December 2008, he published his first novel “ma rawahu al-nawm” with Malamih publishing house. An extract of the novel (2 chapters) can be found on Malamih’s website on this link [Ar:]:

He finished working on his the first draft of his first script, which is an adaptation of a highly acclaimed Egyptian novel. It might be put in production in 2010 -2011

In 2009-2010, He wrote a couple of pieces on new media, social, and literal topics for the known Lebanese newspaper “Assafir”.

In February 2010, He finished working on his second novel as a part of a writing workshop “How to write a novel?” organized by the recognized publishing house (Dar El-saqi) as part of “Beirut world book capital 2010”events. The Workshop was supervised by the famous Lebanese novelist Najwa Barakat, and the resulted novel is edited also by her. The novel will be published in December 2010, by Dar el Adab.

A short extract of this novel is found on the following link:

A previous proposed title for the novel was “70 Decibels” which was replaced by “Yatba /Youtba’” (a literal translation is “to be followed”, or “to be continued”).

The lately proposed title was “napolitana”, or “fata al-napolitana / The Napolitana Guy”.

*update*: The last and final adopted title will be “napolitana”.

Currently, Hilal Lives and works in the silicon valley in San Jose, California. He will probably return to Lebanon in the end of 2010.


2 تعليقان to “About Hilal Chouman”

  1. ahmad Says:

    على الاقل الخط محتاج يكبر درجتين
    المدونة الاقدم كان فيها نصوص اكثر


  2. medaad Says:

    الحديث شهيّ ههنا.. كـ”توست” ساخن في صباح شتائي بارد..


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